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Why do some of my videos/playlists are missing when I try to list them?

### Family filter and explicit videos {#videos-playlist-missing-listings-family-filter}

By default, Dailymotion family filter is turned on in the API: this age gate filters out explicit content (content that is not suitable for all audiences) from API results. This prevents explicit videos to appear in our results. It also filters out playlists containing explicit videos. If some of your videos or playlists are missing when you try to list them, you might consider trying to disable the family filter.

  • To deactivate the family filter, set the family_filter global parameter to false.
  • For every video, check whether it's flagged as explicit by polling its explicit field value.
  • When listing dailymotion API's objects, the explicit property might be returned. This boolean property tells you if there is at least one result that was flagged as explicit in the list.

Private video

A private video does not appear in the public listing (see this question). If you want your private video to appear in listing, you need:

  • either to be logged on your account
  • or to pass this video as public

### Spam {#videos-playlist-missing-listings-spam}

If your video was reported as spam, it will be passed to moderation and won't appear in the video listings.

Why is my video channel (category) set to "news" while I passed another value?

Example use-case: when uploading my video through the API, I passed the "TV" value as channel (= video category in the API), but when checking, I see that the actual value is "news".

Actually, the default category for videos is "news". Hence if the value passed in the POST request does not match an existing value in our channels list, the video channel fallbacks to "news". As this value is case sensitive, this may happen when you pass "TV" instead of "tv" for example.

You will find the list of available channels using the following call: The id field value is the one you want to use when setting a channel on a video.

I get an error mentionning "Unsufficient scope" but I do request the given scope

If you're passing the manage_videos scope and still get an error mentioning you don't have the correct scope, it must be due to an existing session. One of the problems with OAuth 2.0 is that the specification doesn't offer any mechanism to upgrade the scope of an existing session. To add new scopes to an already existing session, you first need to call the /logout endpoint and start a new session with your new list of scopes.

In PHP, call the Dailymotion::logout() method and start a new session with your new list of scopes.

What's the difference between a public and a private video?

What's a private video ?

  • A private video does not appear on public listing nor on search engines.
  • Your private video appears on your channel page only if your are loggued in, otherwise it stays hidden.
  • A private video is watcheable if you're given its private url or id. You can share a private video with your friends, but beware that the video is not fully private anymore !

By default, videos on dailymotion are public, this means that everybody can access them. If you want your video to stay private, you may choose to set the private field to true on the video object.

Usually, dailymotion video ids start with the letter x (x26ezrb for instance). Private videos are granted a new id, starting with the k letter, the k-id. When a video is private, you can retrieve this id by requesting the private_id field on the video object. This id enables you to embed videos (as you would do for a public video), to share its dailymotion url and so on.

Can I access Dailymotion videos streams?

Many users ask us to access their videos stream urls directly. Why do you need so? Our awesome video player, especially with its HTML5 version, can be very easily embedded everywhere allowing you to play your videos on a classic website, a mobile app or most connected TVs and devices. The player can also be customized (logo overlay, colors etc) to make it your own. Please visit our video player page for more information on how to embed our video player. You can also interact with your videos thanks to our video API and SDKs.